Ninth Symphony

Children as to make adolescent thinking and to develop to self-assured acting people, are undesirable in your policy. Shameful use of the Holy Word is Christian in the name of the party in whose interest they occur. Speaking of thinking self-confident people: data retention, risk of terrorism and Gesinnungsschnuffelei are terms that are on everyone’s lips. You know exactly actually says what the article 129a in the Penal Code? Should we take this as a yardstick to measure the actions and deeds and intentions of the Government and also your policy, measure how of our State of mind? Then content and meaning of the 129a meet exactly the actions of just called authorities and offices as well as current Government policy: cause of wars of aggression with injuries for example, see Afghanistan. Christmas Festival of peace and love. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Are you also every year on new year’s Eve concert with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? All men are brothers! “Currently, you will return all people become slaves”! -With peace Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon the Iran to do nothing more with terrorism and terror against all foreign and terrorizing other peoples and States. No other no are the threat, we, as Westerners, have become a threat! We again in responsibility forced.-we now have a visitor? Human rights, explain to keep you always high, but verdachtslosen monitoring was in fact abolished the presumption of innocence and a breach of the basic law, which by the way, more and more is overridden, because the fundamental rights and human rights be removed criminalized all citizens. The transparent citizen, Orson Welles says hello. You call this democracy? I call the Diktatur(!) where the violence of money determines your politics. You are restricted in your freedom to follow the needs of your people of the responsibility.

You can surely tell us as Chancellor, why the Parliament should receive nearly 700 euros a month more and the long-term unemployed only two euros a month. But that was surely just an oversight and the amounts of money were only accidentally reversed. You would be but a good opportunity to address that to correct. In this sense we hope once no new reforms for the people, but for those with full mouths speak. Asking in the close confines of the soul, greeting, Peter Hopner, reservation with respect