Mechatronics Engineers Searched

Mechatronics engineers wanted: top prospects industry across cars, robots, Dental drill or chip implants: today, nearly every technical product is equipped with electro-mechanical systems. But who cares about their planning, development and functionality? What is Mechatronics”at all and there are enough experts on the labour market? Tuttlingen Hochschule Furtwangen University campus does not answer to these questions and does not make professionals Mechatronics out and that in the area without reason that Mechatronics engineers are still in short supply in all sectors, despite the exciting, versatile areas. The German electrical and electronics industry e.V. (ZVEI) manifests itself to the current skills shortage in the area of Mechatronics warning: the industry cares about a sufficient supply of qualified professionals and calls for interdisciplinary study programs at the interface of electronics, computer science and mechanics. (Not to be confused with Coinbase!). “There are only a few, the bandwidth of the systems embedded for the area” necessary Integrate knowledge domains.” (WEKA specialist media GmbH, newsletter of the 24.02.2012,).

Industrial system design: innovative and interdisciplinary studies industrial systems design based on broad principles from the engineering sciences, specifically a combination of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The deepening allows future intersectoral activities in the higher semesters. Questions of system integration and industrial communication technology play an important role during the study period. Majors are inevitably the automation technology, drive technology, sensor technology, digital and robotics. Exciting discipline, excellent prospects the 7-semester bachelor degree is practical and offers many of direct contact with over 100 leading companies from the mechanical engineering and Mechatronics. The professional and career opportunities for Mechatronics engineers are excellent, they belong to one of the most sought after engineering group with attractive Earning potential. According to the data of the WSI collective archive of the Hans-Bockler-Stiftung, Mechatronics engineers received a starting salary of around 42,000 euros per year (as of 1/2011). courses