German TV

The setting of the analogue satellite television is all the rage, but what is all this and what means the conversion for us consumers? In the television and radio, in the newspaper, brochures of electronic markets everywhere one hears about the setting of analogue television. The issue why will be converted completely to digital television, however, remains unclear. This decision was taken by the satellite operator Astra and Eutelsat in understanding with the major German TV channels. Speaking candidly Rio- Tinto Group told us the story. ASTRA and Eutelsat are currently still triple radiate: analog digital in standard quality digital high-resolution quality these multiple broadcasting is no longer economically viable for the satellite operators especially since already more and more Germans receive digital satellite TV. Consequences for us first of all of course provides the transition to digital television for some work and costs also. In addition, each one of us, who do not want to give may 2012 on television and radio, is good or evil forced to convert.

But not for nothing so many Germans have already voluntarily switched to digital reception digital TV has many advantages! Here the most important advantages at a glance: significantly greater program diversity with usually about 300 German-speaking stations (partly regional depending on) much better picture and sound quality, because the digital transmission a much higher data capacity has reception of programmes in HD quality possible (often for a fee, see HD + or sky) various (sometimes interactive) additional functions such as an electronic newspaper of the television and the popular Teletext low susceptibility to disturbance depending on the digital receiver is shifting possible, i.e. we can, for example, simply press during the normal program on “Pause” and continue after watching bottom line the cost for conversion to digital is not so great and the digital television brings us many new features and benefits. In virtually all other countries, satellite TV is digital long standard and Germany draws now. Learn how exactly are you relaxed and fast can retool, my next article or visit switchover digital fernsehen.