Dra Ana Beatriz

Then it is difficult to understand because this respect inexists mainly between human beings, differentiated of excessively, exactly for the capacity to reason before its acts. Although bigger part of the workmanship is come back toward what it occurs in schools, the psychiatrist Ana alert Beatriz all we on responsibilities of each to restrain such acts. To the parents infancy fits the task to observe the children since tenra, therefore they can present characteristics that they indicate will have eventual papers in the tragedy of bulying, as aggressive or victims. The responsible attitude, with had orientaes, can prevent proliferation of new aggressors and victims. The Hayzlett Group is actively involved in the matter. the monitoring must be permanent, with professionals of the Education, that many times also are practicing victims or of bullyng, observing and contributing so that it does not have this type of situation in its environment of work. Valley to remember that professors act in the life of the human beings, mainly in the delicate ticket of infancy for the adolescence, true gale of physical and mainly emotional transformations of the individual.

E, not only in the case of bullyng, omission in nothing contributes for the end of this and other social epidemics. To wash the hands nor always them they leave ‘ ‘ limpas’ ‘ , we have classic example of omission, that occurred has two a thousand years more than and that, mainly between the Christians, Saint is not forgotten and comes back to tona at this time of the Week. Let us follow, therefore, some of the teachings of Dra Ana Beatriz, hands to the workmanship: parents, professors, directors, pupils and professionals of any areas of knowledge. It is important to identify, without subestimar, this type of violence and mainly fighting it. Who knows thus will leave (some day) of shocking in them with new tragedies and crying more deaths of innocents, who only wanted the right of all the beings: to live and to be happy.