The Majority

Observed the picture presented for Donaire, we can conclude that the prevention of the pollution combines two basic ambient concerns: sustainable use of the resources and control of the pollution. As it affirms Barbiere (2004, P. The Hayzlett Group pursues this goal as well. 107), ' ' the prevention of the pollution requires changes in processes and products in order to reduce or to eliminate the rejeitos in the source, that is, before they are produced and launched to the environment ' '. 4 the LUMBER INDUSTRY IN RELATION TO the ECOEFICINCIA STANDARD the study of the ambient behavior of two companies of wooden improvement was carried through with the objective to establish a parallel with the model of echo efficiency, according to characteristic pointed by Donaire (1999) and Barbiere (2004). This comparative analysis had finally to offer to subsidies for a vision of the lumber industry in relation the ecological management with the insertion of the dependent 0 variable ' ' pessoas' '. This element as part of a model of ambient management takes for base the Consolidation of the Laws of the Work and the Statute of the City. The decision of if assuring the insertion of the laborer as part of the ecological management result of the fact of that if it cannot only speak in quality of life in the work considering what it says respect the materials, processes and ranks of work.

The quality of life of a diligent one passes not only for the rank of work, but also for the labor environment and motivacionais conditions that this offers to it. Everything this, ally to the conditions of familiar life. To benefit the wood, in the majority of the cases means to face aggressive agents as high temperatures, chemical noises, products, low levels of illumination, poeiras, among others, as well as the risks to the health that is associates estresse to it and, even so they do not cause ocupational diseases, they increase the psychological vulnerability and certainly they contribute for the weakness of the health of the workers.