Back Trouble In The Life Of Britney Spears

The year is 2008 not particularly well started for Britney Spears. Only the nervous breakdown, then the alleged wedding and the conversion to Islam. But now seems finally to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Britney. Was offered the main role in a film. The film is to say “Memoirs Of A Medicated Child”. But now there is some negative rumors again. Allegedly, the singer should have lost the role. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Shaw Father on most websites.

According to US reports Britney should have lost the role the Canadian singer-songwriter Samantha Falk. But the Director of the film now refuted the rumors. “The rumors the Britney no longer occupied the main role to, are wrong.” We are still in negotiations over the possibilities of both interests to carve out “, so the Director to PageSix. Samantha is definitely part of the film, however, has their participation in the Britney in this film will play with no effect on hope “.” Britney Spears at Peninsula Hotel – Photo: when Samantha Falk looks a little different: “according to some articles and interviews, which I read who would I me now officially removing the film/project. I know not what to think of the kind of Tommy Parker. Believe Britney Spears was never part of this film. Tommy Parker can choose if he wants to.

But I will be a part of this film. “These are hard words. There at the end but still good going out for both or will receive a priority. We will see.