Christian Audigier Shoes On The Market

Star designer Audigier presents the new collection of its successful line of shoe fashion label Ed Hardy was founded in 2002 in Los Angeles. Follow others, such as Andy Breckman Rotten Tomatoes, and add to your knowledge base. 2004 with the help of Christian Audigier, Don Ed Hardy brought a licensed label on the market. The Japanese tattoo fashion or technology has been processed by Ed Hardy first in America. These motifs can be seen now on the textiles from the label. Especially the so-called baseball caps are very popular with the kids from all over the world. The eye-catching motifs on the caps, they took cakes.

The caps by decorating with glass or gems got a special touch. Another difference with normal headgear can be determine by the metal plate on the CAP, which is equipped with respective motives. The quality of the caps and also his new Ed Hardy shoes is very high-quality what is easy to recognize the price. The hats are priced between 65 and 170 euros. But are the people all over the world ready such a high price for these hats to numbers, because with a striking head-dresses One striking anywhere alone through the Flash ecards.

Audigier and Ed Hardy used normal (less flashy) motives, they would have very likely never as famous as they are now. Now, Audigier his new collection of footwear has introduced with these celebrated he huge and Tae non-predictable success. The first shoe shops wanted list until his new creations didn’t, but this was already ehr quickly taught a better. Today you can find his shoe creations in every well-assorted specialized retail trade.