Albert Einstein

You need to know that everything that is happening in the world within the field of the economy it is worrying but at the same time it is more indicative that we are in a time of change. I want to show you how get your economic independence is possible in time of change that in time of stability. Historical data are those who point to us and give explanation to what I am commenting on. Let me show you it otherwise with the example of the theory of natural selection which posits that species that stand out or get an adaptation to the changes occurring in the environment, will be those who will jump on the bandwagon of evolution. If we apply this theory to the many and various points in that the history of mankind has undergone changes in the economy, we will see that they have always existed groups that were outdated or ruined, and other successful and adapted to change. Whats the difference between one and the other?, the answer is simple: the attitude, if the attitude.

For example, whats the typical phrase from a person who holds a contrary attitude to adapt to changes?: I hope that things will change, that come a Government better and fix everything that has shattered what we have now. It is an attitude of victimhood which does not open the mind to learn there are ways of adapting to change. Whats the typical sentence of a person with attitude focused on the evolution and adaptation to change?: Okay, we are in a situation of change and we must find solutions to emerge and evolve, I want to be part of the solution and not the problem, I will seek ways to improve. Do you know what I mean with this?. All part of an attitude. Albert Einstein said: you can never solve a problem in the same level of thinking that created the problem we must enable us to position ourselves in a level of thinking different, or greater will be the only way to achieve financial independence in a time of change. We no longer live in the era of bonanza of jobs and sometimes we strive that you must return this time, it is not possible!. Honestly, I prefer to ignore Albert Einstein and working on changing my level of thinking.

If those reading this article and visiting blogs that deal with achieving economic independence and ultimately, know how to improve to conquer objectives, are on the right track. Of course, have it much easier now since we live in the era networks where opportunities such as creating business in Internet, network marketing or multilevel marketing business. If we think a little, is the most natural way of achieving economic independence: generate benefit from socialization and interrelatedness of human beings, far from structured in a hierarchical manner and going to waffle shapes or networked. (This last point, I recommend reading the book John Naisbitt’s Macrotendencias). I hope that this information you aware and above all meets your concerns of knowing that if it is possible to achieve economic independence, you home from where it home. Remember that the important thing is attitude. Leave a comment, I will read it and I will reply with pleasure, I want to know what are your impressions or resolve any queries you may have. A greeting.