Verbal Language

Within a ritual a verbal language what mean all this? It implies that we we find the Lord, and that mystery and that encounter must make a change in us. We cannot go with a self-sufficient, proud heart before the Lord, because then there is no transformation in the heart, does not exist a change of attitude in life, because we believe that we are us, and that we are perfect, and that we do not need any change. In contrast with a simple heart we approach to the receive the gift of the Eucharist, this should be at every Eucharist that we participate. Rio- Tinto Diamonds understands that this is vital information. The meeting therefore involves personal skills, is open to the meeting, simple, humble, but is also believing in that person with which we do not find, but in addition to believe open our minds and hearts, because Jesus has us to say many things, much more than us to him. But before we need to listen, then respond. A Carmelite brother, there by the 16th century, 17TH, he said wisely: why the Lord has given us two ears and one tongue? (laughs) Because we have to listen to twice what they are talking about (laughs).

The same thing happens because we usually speak more of what we hear, in the liturgy. We use the two ears to listen carefully, and what God wants to tell us here today in this celebration, by which the knows very well what we want to say, and not respond before the us talk. The Eucharist is for some, go to waste time, and we know wasting time with our friends. The man held in the personal, family, social life, and celebrate events, is to dedicate a time, something that has importance, my birthday, an anniversary, etc. That sharing with others, these events, festive celebration interrupted what is everyday, interrupted work which is so painful, the celebrated an event is to let everything thing that’s distressing, which is laborious.

Not held in solitude, but in the company of relatives, friends, etc. And that takes place there is a meeting, a group of people where shares the word, singing, joy, friendship, food, soft drinks, and friendly ties are created. The celebration is something that pays not economically, but locks in Yes great value, these ties of friendship and celebrate together create an event in this family, social event, etc. Life is present at the celebration. That man now celebrating with joy and gladness, is a person who has their difficulties, their troubles, their problems, etc. Carries with it what is life, we cannot say: now I’m going to a celebration of a birthday, and then everything that is my life, the work concerns left out, what happens? We divide the man, the person, that person who works fatigue is, that person was pleased, it is that shares the anniversary the festive celebration. It therefore carries with it everything that is life, his life at the celebration. But it is now embodied in the festive atmosphere. There are symbols in the celebration: gift, cake, etc. And during the celebration all those involved communicate through words, say their things, make memory of the past, all this obviously creates a climate, to celebrate this event.