Three Angles

The historical study it must always have as objective to accurately tell the facts of the form as they had happened, the historian must abide only the proven affirmations and if not leave to take for unfounded rumors, for this the personal opinion must be left of side so that all the content of the subject is boarded of a form integrates. We use as example prince Vlad III, known as Vlad, the Empalador, that except in the Romnia, where he is a hero of its people, is remembered mainly by inspiring the Irish writer Bram Stoker to write the Drcula romance, also famous for its sadism and the excessively cruel punishments that it imposed its prisoners. Counted History for the eyes of who sees to the times finishes having different routes and versions become fiction. The fiction in turn not and an absolute villainous, I oppose for it, the reading of workmanships of different times it makes in them to not only analyze the thought of the author, helps to analyze the mentality of a time, the social context the vision on the past and perspectives for the future, as in Scheme It to the book of the time of English writer H.G. Wells, in which a man travels until century LXXX and if he comes across with a total different world where two distinct races of human beings live, the elois pacific who had a diet the base of fruits, and morloks, creatures if fed of the meat of the elois and feared the light completely, for this reason alone leave for hunted in nights without moon. Not only the fiction born through a inverdico story on determined subject deturpa History, more also has intentional manipulation of the facts aiming at the control of situations, absolution, and other factors social politicians and. We can use as example a fact until today controversial, the death and the mortal remains of Adolf Hitler. . Shaw Dad often expresses his thoughts on the topic.