Rome Barcelona

On the other hand, " great mrito" of Guardiola he is " valenta" that it has demonstrated when taking certain decisions, " first letting march later to Ronaldinho and to Eto' or to file to the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his puesto" " And when account occurred of which with this last one it had been mistaken, it had own the anger to recognize its errores" , Cruyff in the metropolitan newspaper comments. With respect to the end of Liga de Campeones, Cruyff affirms that Barcelona is " tericamente" the favorite equipment to take the title, although indicates that the Manchester has reinforced much from the end of Rome in 2009, in which the Bara conquered his third Liga de Campeones. " Without the Christian Portuguese Ronaldo, the rest of players has become stronger soccer players because more people in charge have felt and have wanted to demonstrate that they do not depend solely on campen" , it assures Cruyff. Between the players of the Manchester and Barcelona, Cruyff honors to the Xavi Spanish Hernandez and the Welshman Ryan Giggs, besides the Barcelonist Argentinean I read Messi, del that says that &quot is a player; excepcional" that it has been integrated perfectly in Barcelona by " great trabajo" that they realise all the blaugranas players when they do not have the ball. " There is a great work behind and that explains that Messi is had integrated totally in Barcelona and not as much in Argentina, since their companions of the selection are not so quick at the time of recovering baln" , he sentences Cruyff. Source of the news: Cruyff: " It would not be strange to me that Guardiola went of the Bara".

European Tour

While it takes care of the press from the telephone of his house in Massachusetts (the United States), Lloyd Cole looks for hotels for its European tour. Tourne Spanish has given many headaches him: it saturated yesterday in Cartagena within the framework of the festival the Sea of Musics, tonight it arrives at Madrid, within the cycle the Summers of Villa, and will continue Thursday with an action in the Portaferrada Festival in Sant Feliu de Guxols, to culminate Friday in San Sebastin, within the programming of Jazzaldia. " He is really complicated to mount this. I must it do, because it is the unique form that I must to be profitable. I am trying that the boys of the band learn to make these things, but is no way. And that I say that, if they help me, in the tour them to them payment until tabaco" , the English musician comments, of 50 years. Source of the news: : " In the 80, you could make things ridculas"


The Australian is the present leader of the World-wide one of MotoGP. Lorenzo: " I am ready to fight and to reduce distancias". The Australian Casey Stoner, leader of the World-wide one of MotoGP, noticed that the Yamaha de Jorge Lorenzo, world-wide champion and second in the present championship, will be very competitive in a very fast circuit as the one of Brno (R.Checa) reason why has " vigilar" to the Spanish pilot, the next Sunday. " Honda can be very competitive east year in any circuit, for that reason I am convinced that we will return to be strong in Brno. Nevertheless, the fact that it is a very fast circuit and flowed he has helped much to the Yamahas in the past, and I believe that Jorge is going to be very strong. There will be vigilarlo" , Stoner in the official page of Honda declared.

Its objective in Brno will be " gain the victory, or at least some important points for campeonato". Stoner, that this year takes five triumphs in ten races, surpasses Lorenzo (Yamaha) in 20 points before the GP of the Czech Republic. The Australian has enjoyed short vacations calm in the United States, where it remained after its victory in Dry Lagoon. " After an excellent race in the United States, we remained in California to see some friendly and to rest a little before continuing the training. I have rested well and I am ready for second half of temporada" , it commented. Source of the news: Casey Stoner: " We will have to watch to Lorenzo"