Understanding Bach Flowers

In this article, learn about the basics of the Bach flower remedies, and get acquainted with some of the terms often used. First of all a few basics: in particular the concepts of Stockbottle (essence), concentrate, solution (ready mixture) will encounter them. The concentrate – the basis – is called Stockbottle (essence) from the actual application solution (ready mixture) is made, ultimately take to. Stockbottles are extremely economical, because only a few drops are needed for the production of Bach flower blend. A 10ml vial Stockbottle contains about 500 drops and thus reaches 10 ml each for approximately 250 ready mixes.

For the production of the end use application solution is there 2 parts water and one part alcohol, water or fruit vinegar in a dropper bottle. Per 10ml content of the vial to give 2 drops of selected Stockbottle (each Bach flower). In a 30ml vial of Pharmacy so 6 drops of each selected Bach flower. At the drop of the emergency will be double the amount. 4 x 4 drops per day are taken from this mixture. What do Bach flower man consists not only of the purely physical, but has a mind, feelings, sensations, some call it a soul.

Each Bach flowers and the element “Rock water – source water” reflect some aspects of this area of the people and influence them. Opinion by Dr. Bach, the proper essence of interactions with these areas of people helps feelings to affect States of mind and thinking positively. The resulting harmonisation at the mental level can cause in turn a positive influence on physical signs. How do you find the appropriate remedy (Bach flower remedies)? One way is, a doctor, to looking for naturopath or Bach flower Advisor. This will try to detect mental fundamental issues that trigger certain behavior patterns: ingrained patterns and problems, striking features, thought patterns and behaviors. The Bach flower Advisor will then determine the appropriate mix and determine changes in subsequent sessions and, if necessary, adjust the mix of the new situation. Follow others, such as Rebecca Father, and add to your knowledge base. Find the appropriate essence (Bach flower) through self-help: you can read through the descriptions of each Bach flowers and determine what a itself is true, or you can a questionnaire specially designed use, which almost always leads to the goal. One is important to know: A mismatch Bach flower can never harm the body does not assume the vibrations of this essence! Bernd Sier