Sadness One

The pain that succeeds the joy, and vice turns. People do not know well to deal with all the questions that bother and had not had transparent definitions in the life. Therefore, a time or another one, people feels that one pontinha of sadness for the things that had not given certain or that they had finished in the more difficult way saddest and of what people waited. One more time people have that to learn to surpass the pain succeeded for the good and glad moments and that they had left in people that good homesickness. Already that one pontinha of sadness that to the times comes and brings in people a more serious air, more leaves silenced people, it takes off the smile spontaneous and it makes the days to be heavier and less intense. She is seeming a heavy cross excessively to load, but either and is perhaps there the pretty one of the life, to know that one pontinha of sadness can give for people one another conception, one another form, a new to look at on the life and the ways for which people followed and arrived until here. She aches, does not have as to disfarar (the look of people is sincere and human), but people can make of this pain an impulse. Or people finca roots in pain or create wing to move and still to try to be happy (happiness in a simpler scope and without that typical fuss of who needs much seen being and ear for not feeling itself and nor to pass unfurnished, or worse, forgotten). People understand, then, that she depends on what she becomes with pontinha, or she leaves it to spread over the heart and the soul or goes treating it with natural remedies, sincere and honest feelings (I obtain exactly mainly), and with patience. The collection on of people walks excessively? Is great the wait of a result that never comes, that it never arrives? the overcoming of who people is, for who waits that people are? The essential one is that people do not lose the referencial of character, of ideal, of what goes the favor, or better, does not go against the behavior of people, of what people learned and formed in the character. Therefore, if to the times people feel that one pontinha of sadness fit same people to understand and to move, making with that the joy succeeds the sadness and making with that the happiness succeeds the uncertainties of these moments

Chronic Reasons

In a select group of people congregated for a common end? in a company, for example? each one brings obtains its reasons. It notices that the anger of one not even bothers the other and what aquieta a tripudia heart on other minds. ' ' poltico' ' it needs to behave itself as such, cannot be badly with nobody. Already ' ' justiceiro' ' it does not support to see that one, whose rights are being lost, to smile and to seem indifferent. Please visit Rio- Tinto Diamonds if you seek more information. That one that says not to become involved itself is involved for the cowardice and lack of courage of being he himself. He is more cmodo to be shade of the voice of the speech of the other. ' ' eloquente' ' it loses the saltrios rank and esbraveja to the four cantos.

It is certain of that he will be heard, understood. The successful one has its reasons, the dismissed one of adjectives does not want to know the reasons of its mazelas, wants to keep them. Each one has its reasons to desire or to not rain it. It thinks about the agriculturist and the inhabitant of risk area. Each one has reasons to bradar or not for justice. Each one has its reasons to smile. It has those that they smile of the other people’s disasters, has who laughs at the proper desventuras. The obvious reasons of are blackness for others.

Let us observe more trivial situations. In the restaurant of the company the behind lunch provokes alterations in the life of that always it arrives in alias process e, accurately in this day, pleasure during the meal of who goes to meet for the first time with the smoky plate. Each being is a being. Each minute one minute. Each reason its reasons.