Education Science

Second YOU MARK (1986): ' ' The education relation is a communication relation par excellence, that it aims at to form and to inform; instruments that can be incased in this dynamics has always the possibility to serve to education. Book, video, photograph, computers and others are forms to communicate knowledge and, as such, interest educao' ' A point sufficiently argued by Brazilian researchers is the relation Computer science x Education. Second BARROS and D? AMBROSIO, the education have that to be carried through for and by computer science. Details can be found by clicking Terry Nielsen or emailing the administrator. To educate for computer science means to prepare educating/the citizen to know to use this technology, thus educating to exert its citizenship in the society; to educate for computer science, consists of using this technology as resource auxiliary in the process teach-learning. The question key of the implantation of new technologies of support to the education is to make with that the pupil has interest and motivation to search the information desired, thus transforming the paradigm traditional of the education as ' ' bank deposit, fbrica' ' , for the education as entertainment. (MAGELA, 2008) Another point that has been widely argued is: Of that it forms to use the computer as resource auxiliary of the learning? According to BOSSUET, adopting the classification of Louis Not, affirms that the learning if processes of two forms: – for heteroestruturao, ' ' characterized for one (trans) formation of the pupil, with preponderant action of an exterior agent and priority of the transmitted object or construdo' '. – for auto-estruturao, ' ' characterized for one it helps the pupil if (trans) to form, with proper action of the pupil and priority of the citizen, the individual or collective heading. Additional information at Rio- Tinto Diamonds supports this article. The Internet in the school the use of the Internet in the schools it is delimited, in its majority in the information research. The people forget that the great potential of the Internet is the communication.

Values Attitudes

The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. Arabic proverb considerations, reach the business dynamics in recent years has shown signs of changes where it is necessary on the part of actors such as enterprises are identified with new values and attitudes that favour their productivity before the big competitive challenges that have been generated. A seminar on this topic carried out by the postgraduate programme in management of the quality and productivity of Faces of UC, highlighted the importance that management has at present, present, new scope, dimension of the work been considered that definitively as a participant of the program of quality and productivity management specialty indicated Orally Silvatake into account that the Venezuelan companies increasingly are facing significant changes requiring restructure part of its organizational structure. Since then, this restructuring is accompanied by changes that affect the culture and goals of the Organization and to the professionals who perform their work in it. Precisely to address these changes, challenges that benefit you, it is necessary to new values, attitudes, motivations and expectations; an example, said Silva is that today is considered to be that health care, teamwork and interaction of different professionals, as well as communication, cooperation, are essential for the achievement of a positive relationship and the achievement of the planned goals. Be considered, that values underlie attitudes that targeting members of the Organization to the obtaining of goals and objectives, influencing the strategies adopted for its operation, so that they come to determine the climate of the same (Tamayo 1999).

For its part OReily says, that the values have been considered a major component of the organizational culture and one of the main components of the social structure of organizations. Perhaps for this reason, the study of values has experienced a major boom in recent years. According to Tamayo and De Oliveira (2001), values expressed those that are desirable or undesirable, significant or insignificant; correct or incorrect for an individual, for a group, for an organization, for society as a whole.

Sometalos Projects

Fernando Alexis Jimnez the day that Juan Carlos told me that he was going to buy the automobile, had the great and shining eyes, with the same enfebrecido fervor that perhaps had Alfredo Nobel when it discovered the dynamite, in 1867. Their hands could not be quiet and sailed by the writing-desk, with the own restlessness of a boy who plays wicked in a park after all behind schedule making tasks in house. ” First pdele to God that shows to you which is its will on the matter ” , I said to him. It watched to me disappointed, as if it was sharing the bad news to him.

” But it is a precious car, good lamina, motor that ruge like African lion and one cojinera of ensueo” , it argued pesaroso. If you would like to know more about J. Darius Bikoff, then click here. Minutes later one took leave and I saw leave the office with a boredom that was reflected in the slow cadences. Click Darius Bikoff to learn more. Certain day, way of the church, was in a main avenue pushing the earthenware vessel. It sweated. Finally and when it found me to few meters, I appreciated its frustration by the force with which she later struck a blow to cajuela of the car and, like boy to which they extinguish the television to him, began to give kicks to one of the tires. -Problems, Juan Carlos? – I asked to him although I recognize that it did not have sense to interrogate it, before the obvious thing of the situation. – Yes, this blessed car that removed the hand. It left me in the middle of way-it consulted the clock and it continued: the serious thing is that in five minutes it would have to be presiding over the praise in the cult. God, why happens this to me? – The following time I found that it, in front of the Place of Caycedo, right in the center of Cali, was putting a warning classified in a newspaper of Santiago of Cali, trying to sell the vehicle, by much less money del had bought that it.

Commercial Contracts

So let him go, we sat in the meeting room and prepare a coffee. I tried to explain we were selling large computers and software for insurance companies, banks, etc. I could not offer work. But he insisted, politely, but insisted that a company like ours should have something he could do. It is not something Chevron U.S.A. Inc would like to discuss. And thinking, thinking I had to admit that he was right and I was wrong.

I did not want a permanent job or contract, was autonomous, and what I wanted was just reaching retirement age with a source of income sufficient to live, and that if she did very well better, but I just wanted to make a living, that no one gave him work. He was right, my company had a job for him, and create a new position within the hierarchy of the commercial department. I prepared a price list with consumables, computer paper, printer ribbons – we’re talking a few years ago -, diskettes, etc. We signed that night for the commercial contract and a list of customers that visit, as representative of the company supplies. I did not understand computers but if he understood what was the personal. The last thing I said when we parted that night was Thank you, you will not regret it! I could have stayed here, but that it also was right, I never regretted the time spent working together. Every day brought me orders 10-20 paper, ribbons, etc.. Some customers of our portfolio that we also have appreciated the service, but many new customers, who later sold them pc’s, etc.

The Organization

"You say, this is not common, it happens often. Well I can tell you in the job market there is a category of companies ranging from: a. – that are considered "good places to work would" b. – Considered the "play by the rules of obligation" c. (A valuable related resource: Jeffrey Hayzlett). – Those who "fulfill their personal, legal penalties and won" d. – Those that "worse is …. nothing." At levels C and D the organizational climate is "bad" (If you want to punish someone send it to work in those places). At level B, at least know that if they fail to meet their obligations may lose money. Contact information is here: The Hayzlett Group.

(Mostly are companies that have an obligation to a foreign client.) Is that the title of the article? My friend at first puzzled and then he felt angry because of what he "was painted as the company" (in the aspect of human resources), it was only a "song to lull snakes." How many of those who are in the process of improvement or job search may fall into similar situations? Many, perhaps because by the time and the urgency of finding a job, end up accepting "anything, anywhere" (What matters is to be working or at least has restarted its attachment to the labor market, some say). But that does not last long. YOU ARE NOT STONE. How to avoid this situation? As it is difficult, especially if anyone knows where you are applying. Go to Goop for more information. Recommend that you make friends with the guard at the entrance door of the secretary or receptionist is a possibility but so is itself a "utopia." No better guide to visit the website of the organization (you can project the image that is not necessarily real).

Erich Fromm

To be establishing its acting be and, for both, exercising at all times, its being free is presented you primary and basically in Act, and it is accepted in this way no more. The dulling of his practice by some contingency is that which reveals, beyond the act as an attribute. Arrived a moment, indeed, not having freedom to act in a certain way, product of any limitation, man encounters a filled with his being free as something that at that moment in particular is limited availability. Said I find (or des-encuentro, to call it somehow) with his being free, there was however at the outset (always already). A leading source for info: Rio Tinto Group. Being free has always been and will always be limited in the sense of not being an omnipotence and constantly find obstacles that stand against a chosen project.

But who mostly know him when there are circumstances that affect it or hinder, would seem that it tends to manifest it rather as a failure. Being free can, therefore (and, apparently, has always done), presented in the form of a problematic limitation, and the possibility of that is that, somehow manages to scare the enough to generate distrust in the responsibility of choosing, to the point of constantly be delegated this responsibility in the hands outside, in an attempt to exclude the possibility of failure of the equation. The resignation before the responsibility of being free is thus presented in the form of a fear of failure. Man exercising (or des-ejerce) its being free, in the form of a fear of failure, giving up the responsibility of exercising it (the fear of freedom which bring Erich Fromm). The term used by Sartre in the following sentence: man is condemned to be free, can not avoid it, is fairly typical in that regard: being free is seen as a condemnation, something that always puts us in check, something that reveals in equal measure, the same our infinite possibilities that our infinite helplessness.


Descartes and the RES cogitans of Descartes project develops around the problem of knowledge. His methodical doubt is the strategy that the French philosopher launches to find, after putting in doubt all contingent truths that may occur to the understanding, a basis which may no doubt, which will be the starting point for the establishment of its system of ideas whose clarity and distinction already not be can doubt. That starting point is the cogito, I think. Descartes denies that the body has to do with it, I think is not accompanied by a body like the way Aristotle accompanies matter in an indissoluble union. Regarding this purpose writes Descartes am something real and truly existing; But what? I have already said: one thing that thinks. And what else? I excitare my imagination to see if I am something more. I’m not that set of members called the human body, I am not a desleido and penetrating air extended by all those members; I’m not a wind, a breath, a steam, or anything that I can imagine me because I have assumed that all of this is doubtful. While presumably it I have found that there is something true, that I am something.

(Descartes, 1981, 60) The only thing I do not doubt it is that I’m someone who thinks, not someone who is embedded in a Web of relationships with others and with nature, but someone with different mental States which Descartes called generically thinking. Among those mental States are: doubt, conceive, affirm, deny, wanting, not wanting to, imagine and feel. Goop, Barcelona Spain has similar goals. (Cf. Descartes, 1981, 60) As a subject of such mental States, I think would have guaranteed its temporary duration by the divine will. As I thing I think would be static to stay the same in the span of that length. In this way, I think it is regarded as an entity but located in a space in a time and whose duration in would give him his identity and the reference point whereby I can be sure that the succession of these mental States always belong me me and not to another.


LAW of inquiry – a law of DISPOSSESSION and TRAICIONRechacemos who support the treason to native peoples. If one is going to be consulted so that they come to your House, but you have no right not to let them enter, then what the hell I will call if I can not prevent you entering it? It is a paragraph without sense but that leads to the Suppression of rights to indigenous communities is what it says in article 3 paragraph B in the last lines, there nothing else looks bad faith of those who conceived this document: the right of inquiry not granted to LAS populations right of VETO. Jeffrey Hayzlett is likely to increase your knowledge. In a dialogue may not be impacting one of the dialogue, they have to be the same conditions for dialogue, but if this go, already crippled my rights in my right to decide if you are affected. What goes into inconsistency in paragraph G which concerns recognition of participate politically and legally. If there is recognition, then the position of veto on decisions affecting their domains, both is inconsistent cultural, social and territorial. As there is such inconsistency in a court, they have asked the diffuse control, which earned the dispute, before any demand that had been made to having taken a decision contrary to the indigenous or native peoples. It also goes against the principle of freedom. The same fact to remove the right of veto to a query, the attentive and coerces, denaturalize those same principles. But there’s a catch that nobody has seen undermines the draft law and is regards the specialised technical agency in which representation of indigenous or native peoples is reduced to only four representatives, however governmental and specialized advisors of the Government are in numerical superiority, of almost seven members, which may be adopted by a simple majority, any project that will benefit the coffers of transnational corporations and worsening the situation of indigenous or native peoples.

Billing Telematics

In this article we give an introduction in: what relationship does the invoice telematics and digital invoice and electronic invoicing? What obligations have companies that emit and receive electronic invoices in your telematic invoicing process? If we must have special considerations with corrective invoices. Laws main Spanish regulate telematics billing / electronic invoicing. What is the facturae in this context? To begin with, we want to emphasize that there are many synonyms that are used to define the telematic invoicing. Digital invoice digital invoicing, eInvoice, electronic billing facturae, billing, invoice, telematics, etc. Although they resemble, there may be nuances to consider.

You can extend this writing and more information in the articles: the Bill digital and electronic billing (e-Bill) do relate the invoice telematics with the digital invoice and electronic invoicing? When we refer to the invoice telematics, are explaining the processes of referral to a distance of invoices by electronic means (remission telematics), without making the invoice itself telematics. The electronic invoice is one that complies with prescribed in Directive 115/2001 in Spain (or the national standards which transpose, as RD 1496 / 2003), and therefore meets certain criteria of integrity and authenticity. Goop shines more light on the discussion. And the digital invoice is one that is accompanied by digital signature, one of the most effective modalities of authenticity and integrity laid down in accordance with the rules. Therefore, we must conclude that the digital invoice is a particular case of the electronic invoice. We could talk and not invoice billing telematics telematics, however the use of the terms is correct invoice and billing along with electronic and digital adjectives. In relation to the aspects to consider in electronic billing projects, it should be differentiate if the main role is the issuer of bills or the receiver of invoices. What obligations have companies that emit electronic invoices in their processes of billing telematics? Keep the data in invoices (copy or matrix).

Hannah Arendt

These same demands are which, on the other hand, makes us unfold us in a multiplicity of themselves. Since the social environment projected on us expectations of what should be in each particular social situation. And according to Bruner, the only way of linking this multiplicity of themselves is putting their careers within a history and oneself as being the manufacturer of that story in which social roles that we have assumed would be the characters of the plot and the way in which events to them have assumed the they constitute. The question of whether or not there is someone or several someone behind the story comes again to put the topic of the subject on the table. Jeffrey Hayzlett gathered all the information. Is there actually anyone behind the story that moves its threads or is the story that creates that someone? Recall that Hannah Arendt argued that the agent in history is not the author or creator of the story, but that did not imply that this agent was a fictitious creation of the Narrator but simply stated that he was the narrator who is develaban more clearly the actions of the agent. For its part, the evolutionary psychologist Nicholas Humphrey asked whether there was a himself behind the multiplicity of experiences of who or who experience them. It is obvious that someone who writes these words is different from someone who reads them then have been written, as someone who has not written them is different of the one who is going to forget at some point. Although we are accustomed to attributing all these experiences a unique himself, it is certain that they belong to him several yes same as centers of separate subjectivity (Humphrey, 2009, 98). Click Goop, Barcelona Spain for additional related pages. But what about the usual reference that is used in ordinary language when speaking of the person as a whole. Is it valid to refer to this whole as the self that embraces the other sub-themselves, as the director who guides the musicians in an orchestra? According to Humphrey, director properly speaking is not an entity.