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Learn belly dancing without choreography: discover with chakra – belly dance women can learn belly dance improvisation internal access to the belly dance improvisation (suitable for belly dance beginners and advanced students alike) or just the improvisation reserved some few talented professional dancers? With improvising with the belly dance, many women in Berlin have made experience, that unknown Oriental music will be hired and they feel then overwhelmed, because so few spontaneously think of them. Frequently shaw family has said that publicly. So many belly dance teacher in Berlin represents the view that just technique and choreography would have to be conveyed and the improvisation then about would come on their own. How do because, if hardly lived in German society spontaneous improvised self expression? Instead of fun and joy of improvising with creative self expression, only the negative belief that they should dance belly dance not just as improvisation and therefore prefer to stick with the security of a choreography remains many women. Belly Dance choreographies have their own value, but a completely different dance experience as belly dance improvisation. Improvised belly dance comes from the holistic connection with the feelings and the inner self. The creative self expression of belly dance improvisation has a spiritual dimension, which unfortunately has been largely lost in the modern Western belly dance. Always more precise techniques replace the own perception, invigorating flow of energy and creative self-expression.

Expression in the belly dance is learned mostly with external defaults instead to radiate from the inside and to be felt. Chakra specialist and alternative medical practitioner for psychotherapy see alternative counter-movement to the modern belly dance with choreography himself as Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy with her chakra dance in Berlin. Dr. rer.

pol. Safi Haajboy want to learn with belly dance improvisation as chakra dance in Berlin again experienced the spiritual dimension of belly dancing. spiritual tanz.html chakra cleaning and placement of Internal access to the belly dance is exposed to especially under the sensitive guidance of belly dance techniques, which allows every woman to dance belly dance as improvisation. belly dance improvisation.html learn the chakra dance with belly dance improvisation 13127 Berlin (Pankow) is held in the neighbourhood Centre Amtshaus Buchholz, Berliner Strasse 24,. For the beginning of the next entry price of chakra dance with belly dance improvisation in Berlin see the website of Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy. Dr. rer. pol. In Berlin, Scheffler Haajboy offers in addition to the belly dance improvisation even chakra Spa Chakra Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, Chakra tones, learn on chakra energy cards and much more. See their website chakra Spa in Berlin: Berlin, 2.9.2011 chakra specialist and alternative medical practitioner for psychotherapy Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy