German Universities

universities and the parallel receive two master's degrees: in the technical field and in business management. Combining his studies at two German universities, Marina has also worked, sometimes two jobs, and write a diploma went to India. There She met her future husband, and later returned to Germany to finish training. What followed was a difficult choice: to seek work in Germany, or to go to India for her husband. Marina chose the second option, but later returned to Germany, where works today. Hello, Marina. Just want to apologize for the intrusion, I know that you are not up to the interview. But your amazing story forced me to take the time inconsiderate.

Yes, life abounds. As Lewis Carroll wrote in the "Alice in Wonderland": " has to flee in all haste to just stay in the same place! If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast. " Foreigners in a foreign country should be run with all feet to more or less to survive on a par with the natives. Well, if you want to achieve something, you have to work twice more and faster than the limit of possibilities. And so all my life! Do you prefer to run with their legs? I prefer to run twice as fast. You are so fragile, delicate. Tell me, how difficult it was to study at two institutions, but at the same time and still work two jobs? This is not just difficult, it is very difficult.