Caribbean Festival

Even in the highest peaks of the Sierra Maestra is They located two vegetable formations unique in the country: the cloudy mountain and Monte Fresco. From the social and cultural point of view it also has elements of great interest. Numerous museums, natural history, both passages of the wars of independence against the Spanish power and passages of the Cuban revolution, of illustrious figures of the country, architectural styles and modes of living Cuban abound not only in the capitals of provinces in the next cities and places of interest, emphasizing among them Baracoa, Gibara, Puerto PadreBanes, Baconao and Manzanillo, among others. Of them it will deepen when he is recommended him to visit them. All these places will be recommended visit given its great importance, emphasizing Bariay, Holguin, place where he landed Colon for the first time in Cuba in 1492, the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, where lie the remains of Jose Marti, the Apostle of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, the Demajagua, in Granma, where the beginning of the war of independence was proclaimed against Spain and the family home of the Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, shows of the wooden architecture of the era, in Biran, also in Holguin.

It was in the provinces to the South where they arrived massively larger waves of refugees from Haiti to the triumph of the Haitian revolution in 1791. The ruins of those French coffee plantations and its profound influence in Cuban culture in these provinces are majestic. Closely linked to this are the manifestations of the culture characteristic of those areas, among which stands out the Tumba Francesa, which UNESCO praises the degree of conservation, protection and importance that the Cuban State confers to this cultural manifestation. This part of Cuba is also the most linked with the Caribbean culture, to such an extent that to Santiago de Cuba is known as the balcony of the Caribbean by great affinity with the musical rhythms, much more than the rest of Cuba. The same Carnival in these provinces are very different from the rest of the country. It should be noted in this city the celebration in the month of July of the Caribbean Festival or feast of fire, rooted to the Caribbean culture. Intends to begin our journey through the vicinity of the North Coast, making any incursion into the Centre of the provinces to visit the provincial capitals in the case of las Tunas and Holguin, while in the rest of the provinces mentioned, more mountainous, will be the coast North and then South, passing through the mountainous massifs, on roads where the landscapes are magnificenthighlighting a road only in Cuba, known as La Farola. All this you can enjoy in the next articles.

Internet Communication

CONLUSO In order more good to understand the diverse methodologies as if in the distance develop the education with support in digital environments of learning, are important to specify the meaning of some terms frequently used as equivalents, but that they possess especificidades related with the forms as these environments are incorporated the educational process, it wants if they carry through in the traditional modalities of formal education, wants is activities free or related the programs of continued formation. Education online, education in the distance e-learning is usual terms of area, however is not congruentes between itself. Education in the distance thus is called due to notion of physical distance between the pupil and the professor, being able to become fullfilled for the use of different ways (postal or electronic correspondence, radio, television, telephone, fax, computer, Internet etc.) and techniques that make possible the communication. Education online is a modality of education in the distance carried through way Internet, whose communication occurs of synchronous or asynchronous form. As much can to use Internet to distribute quickly information as it can make use of the interatividade propitiated for the Internet to namely materialize the interaction between the people, whose communication can give distinct communicative modalities in accordance with: Communication um-a-um, or said of another form, communication between one and another person, as it is the case of the communication saw email that until can have a message sent for many people since whom it exists one lists specific for such end, but its conception is the same one of the traditional correspondence, therefore it exists a person whom the information sends and another one receives that it. Communication of one for many, that is, of a person for many people, as it occurs in the use of fruns of quarrel, in which it exists a mediator and all that has access to frum, enxergam the interventions and makes its ranks; Communication of many people for many people, or communication to estelar, that it can occur in the colaborativa construction of a site or in the creation of a virtual group, as is the case of the colaborativas communities where all participate of the creation and development of the proper community.